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Saturday, April 19th, 2014

Information security management

Don't become a Christmas Turkey

Christmas is a time of family reunions, Christmas carols, roast turkey, and of course not forgetting the Christmas gifts!

But beware the ‘grinch’ - spammers you should be aware of as you prepare your Christmas shopping list, particularly if you’re shopping online. To help keep you and your loved ones safe online this festive season,  Symantec Security Response has highlighted below some tricks spammers have pulled out of their hats:

Image above catch your eye?
Alas, Hit-and-Run Spams are coming by,
Don’t be taken in by these,
And you’ll enjoy your holidays in peace.

Merry Christmas”, says the subject line,
But hark, a virus attachment comes behind,
W32.Erkez.D@mm is the virus, don’t let it in,
So don’t open these emails, just send them to your email bin!

Festive sales are rolling in from trees to Christmas ales,
But beware spam phishing mails looking for your details,
Look out for a sample below,
And don’t be taken in by the links in tow.


We hope that you’ve enjoyed this Christmas ditty,
For more information just click here – easy peasy.
Spam attacks are getting more complex,
And to keep you safe, Symantec hopes you’ll follow these steps.

Update your anti-spam signatures regularly to protect your PC,
And unsubscribe from mailings you no longer want to read or see.
Don’t click on suspicious links in email or your IM message,
Instead type them out, just in case.

Keep your operating system up-to-date,
Installing the latest updates to avoid a scary fate,
Also employ a comprehensive security suite,
Visit if you find it a feat!

On behalf of all of us, Here’s wishing you a Merry (and safe!) Christmas!