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Thursday, April 24th, 2014

Email and Web security

How to assess and mitigate information security threats

Excerpted from Chapter 3: The Life Cycle of Internet Access Protection Systems, from the eBook The Shortcut Guide to Protecting Business Internet Usage, by Dan Sullivan, this seven-tip collection provides an in-depth look at the information security threat types with which enterprise security professionals must contend.

Various information security threats -- worms, rootkits, Trojans, denial-of -service attacks -- and how they operate are all reviewed. Hacking tools and tactics, like social engineering, are also covered.

Once you're up-to-speed on the myriad information security threats and ways to mitigate them, you can review guidelines for determining which cost-effective countermeasures will best suit your enterprise needs.

How to assess and mitigate information security threats
  Malware: The ever-evolving threat
  Network-based attacks
  Information theft and cryptographic attacks
  Attacks targeted to specific applications
  Social engineering
  Threats to physical security
  Balancing the cost and benefits of countermeasures