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Sunday, April 20th, 2014

Email and Web security

Spammed behind the headlines

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Unsolicited email, or ‘spam’, is the most common internet-borne threat facing your organisation. One of the main tactics employed by spammers is the use of ‘news spam’ – emails pretending to offer information on breaking news stories or big events but actually designed to leave you poorer in some way.

A lot of news spam simply grafts a topical, news-based subject line onto completely unrelated email content. As long as the recipient clicks on the message to open it, the spammer has achieved their key objective.

With huge volumes of spam circulating the internet and news spam making up a big proportion of this potentially business-compromising threat, your organisation needs to ensure it has effective protection in place.

MessageLabs Security Safeguard offers highly accurate spam identification and blocking capabilities, even against threats from new sources and those concealing dangerous malware.

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